16 januar 2013 Skriv ut
Forgot your PIN code? Want a new PIN code?

No problem - you can get help in Netbank!

In the Netbank you can easily see your PIN code. The PIN code is visible on the screen for 10 seconds.

For most of our credit cards,* it is also possible to choose your own PIN code in the Netbank. After logging in with with BankID, Mobile BankID or NemID, choose "New PIN code" in the left menu and follow the instructions.

When choosing a new PIN code, you will receive a new card. The new PIN code is not valid until you have received the new card.

Log in Norwegian Netbank

Log in Swedish Netbank

Log in Danish Netbank


* This option does not apply for cards from Swedbank, SpareBank 1, Helgeland Sparebank or any of the Norwegian Savings Banks (MasterCard and Visa)

  1. 06 juni 2014

    Sparebank 1 kredittkort overføres til bankens eget datterselskap

  2. 02 mai 2014

    Nytt låneprodukt for våre eksisterende re:member kunder

    re:member kunder får fra 7. april tilbud om et nytt låneprodukt, “re:member lev”.

  3. 15 april 2014

    Frist for overføring før og åpningstider i påsken

  1. 14 januar 2014

    Oppdatering av java

  2. 15 november 2013

    EnterCard overvåker kortaktiviteten nøye etter datainnbrudd hos Coop hotellkupp

    Enkelte av våre kunder har i dag mottatt informasjon fra Coop i forbindelse med et datainnbrudd hos tjenesten Coop Hotellkupp.

  3. 23 april 2013

    EnterCard DK and COOP DK terminate their partnership

    EnterCard Denmark and Coop Denmark have decided not to extend the partnership when the current contract expires June 29th, 2013.

  1. 12 april 2013

    Carina Björkefors appointed as new Managing Director for EnterCard Sverige AB

    EnterCard Sweden has appointed Carina Björkefors as the new Managing Director (MD). Carina joins us from Proffice, but has during the past 17 years held various positions within AMEX, most recently as Vice President Northern Europe, World Services.

  2. 05 februar 2013

    Henning Holtan appointed as new Managing Director for EnterCard Norway AS

    EnterCard Norway has appointed Henning Holtan as the new Managing Director (MD). Henning joins us from Nordea Bank Group, and will have the responsibility for EnterCard Norway.

  3. 29 januar 2013

    EnterCard launches Falcon® Fraud Management system – safety first for our customers

    On the 28th of January, EnterCard launched a new Fraud Management system called Falcon®.

  1. 14 januar 2013

    For netbank security - update to Java version 7.11

    Due to a security breach in Java, a program needed to access netbank, we recommend all customers to update to the latest version of Java.

  2. 03 januar 2013

    Saldo på SMS?

    Du kan enkelt få din saldo tilsendt på SMS!

  3. 20 desember 2012

    Payment deadlines for the holidays: Dec. 21st and 28th

    The deadline for payments before the Christmas holidays is December 21st. and before the New Year holidays December 28th. Both days will last transactions be done at 12.

  1. 27 september 2012

    Expert in Sweden is bankrupt

    The electronic chain Expert in Sweden has gone bankrupt. Customers who have paid with a credit card online, but not received their products, are entitled to forward a claim to get their money back.

  2. 25 september 2012

    Freddy Syversen new CEO for the EnterCard Group

    The EnterCard Board has appointed Freddy Syversen as new CEO for the EnterCard Group. Freddy will start in his new role with immediate effect.

  3. 15 februar 2012

    Claims after Spanair bankruptcy

    Customers who ordered their travel with Spainair Airlines and paid with credit card may forward their claim.

  1. 01 desember 2011

    IT service provider Tieto incident affects EnterCard’s card customers

  2. 20 oktober 2011

    EnterCard signs agreement with the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team

    EnterCard signed today a 3 year sponsoring contract with the Norwegian Ski Association "Norges Skiforbund" for the direct issuing brand re:member.

  3. 13 september 2011

    Capgemini to provide IT maintenance and development services to EnterCard

    Capgemini has entered a five-year partnership with EnterCard to support and provide maintenance and development services to rapidly deliver new innovative products to the market and to continue growth in the Nordic region.

  1. 12 september 2011

    Study shows iPhone owners open to mobile payments

    A British study by research and consulting firm YouGov reveals that almost half of iPhone owners are open to making mobile payments.

  2. 12 september 2011

    Barclaycard launches app for iPhone

    Barclaycard customers can now manage their account at home, at work, or on-the-go with the official Barclaycard App for the iPhone® and iPod touch®. Pay bills, check balance, see account activity, and much more.

  3. 12 september 2011

    Sweden: Consumers spend most when on New York holidays

    MasterCard has released a report which reveals the Swedish spend more money while on holiday in New York than they do in any other city destination. An average Swede spends €1960/$2830 on accommodation, food, shopping and drinks in the city.

  1. 12 september 2011

    Norway: Payment terminals to stop registering magnetic stripe

    BankAxept, the Norwegian payment system, has stopped supporting magnetic stripe reading on its payment terminals as of September 1, 2011. As a result 80% of Norwegian payment terminals will only accept the data chip from now on.

  2. 11 august 2011

    Sweden: EnterCard Sweden increases APR by 0,25 %

  3. 05 august 2011

    Norway: Authorities consider monitoring credit card use

  1. 05 august 2011

    Sweden: Major banks report growth in mobile banking

  2. 01 juni 2011

    Mobile usage in Scandinavia

    Interesting facts about the use of mobile phones - a market evolving rapidly.

  3. 22 mars 2011

    Norway: 33% of Norwegians believe consumers will stop using cash for purchases.

    33% of Norwegians believe consumers will eventually stop using cash as a way of paying for goods and services.

  1. 14 mars 2011

    EnterCard supports UNICEF

  2. 02 mars 2011

    Sweden: Visa planning to launch contactless payments pilot

    Visa is planning to launch a contactless payments pilot in Sweden.

  3. 02 februar 2011

    Norway: The number of payment card purchases increased 10% between 2009 and 2010

    Nets Norway has reported the number of payment card pur-chases increased 10% between 2009 and 2010. During the year, a total of 1.1bn card payments were made at a value of NOK 435bn (EUR 55.44bn USD 74.61bn).

  1. 17 januar 2011

    Norway: re:member reward on Twitter

    re:member reward is a new reward program with discounts for re:member credit card holders.

  2. 04 januar 2011

    Choose you own PIN code

    EnterCard has developed a new feature which enables customers to choose their own PIN code.

  3. 04 januar 2011

    Norway: EnterCard to continue sponsorship with rally driver Petter Solberg for 2011.

    EnterCard has re-signed its sponsorship agreement with Norwegian rally driver Petter Solberg for 2011.

  1. 13 desember 2010

    re:member Julklapp winner of MasterCard's Best Innovative Campaign Award 2010

    re:member’s iPhone and Facebook app Julklapp has won MasterCard’s prestigious award “Best Innovative Campaign Award 2010” – a yearly competition for the Nordic and Baltic region.

  2. 06 desember 2010

    Denmark: Christmas sales on the internet forecast to exceed DKK 1bn

    The Danish Distance Selling and E-business Association (FDIH) forecasts that Christmas sales on the internet in 2010 will exceed a value of DKK 1bn (EUR 134.12mn USD 179.03mn).

  3. 06 desember 2010

    Denmark: Men to cut back on Christmas gifts, while women plan to spend more

    A survey conducted by FDB Analyse shows that Danish men are planning to cut back on their Christmas gift spend-ing in 2010, while women on the other hand are planning to spend more than they did in 2009.

  1. 06 desember 2010

    Sweden: 88.4% of Swedes prefer to use online banking services

    Research by Crosskey Banking Solutions has found that 88.4% of Swedes prefer to carry out their banking via the internet, while only 4.8% said they prefer to carry out banking business at their local branch.

  2. 06 desember 2010

    Norway: Rise in bank and credit card transactions

    Figures from Nets show a 9 % increase in payment card usage this year compared to last year.